There is a duck nest in my yard

Thanks for your concern about nesting ducks. Fortunately, there is little need for worry. Within a day of the nest hatching, the mother and her ducklings will set out to find water. In fact, they can and will travel as far as 3 kilometres to find suitable habitats.

We never recommend interfering with a nest or the ducklings once they hatch.
However, if you notice that the ducks are in immediate danger you can contact a local wildlife reserve or Canadian Wildlife Service for assistance.

What if the nest looks abandoned?

Waterfowl such as mallards are a federally protected species so it's against the law to destroy or disturb the nest. If it becomes quite clear that the hen will not return and you'd like to deal with the eggs, you may wish to contact your local Canadian Wildlife Service office to discuss your options.

Is there anything I can do to protect a nest?

Unfortunately, there‚Äôs little that can be done to deter predation.  Ravens, magpies and many mammals such as skunks, coyotes and foxes, all find bird eggs an easy food source.  It is part of the natural ecosystem.  At Ducks Unlimited Canada we focus on habitat conservation. You may want to contact your local fish and wildlife agency for more information, as the regulatory body that oversees problem wildlife.

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